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Accurate Exhaust System Repair and Maintenance

David’s garage of Akron, OH provides professional muffler repair and service to the Akron, OH community. With a reputation for being fair, honest, and trustworthy, we want to be your dealership alternative for exhaust and muffler repair service and maintenance. Our staff is comprised of ASE Certified Technicians and Master Technicians. They are highly skilled, and can work on all makes and models both foreign and domestic. Call today for an inspection.

Why Do You Need a Muffler?

Your mufflers main function is to help channel or divert exhaust gasses out of the engine and away from the vehicle. Your engine relies on the process of internal combustion to operate. The result of this is carbon dioxide, which is deadly to humans. The compressive force caused from combustion forces pistons down generating the mechanical force, which in turn rotates the crankshaft. Then the exhaust stroke begins. During this process the exhaust valve opens within the chamber and the crankshaft forces the expanded gasses out by pushing the piston up. Each piston is attached to the crankshaft with an arm or rod, which is set to the center rotation. The rod acts as a gauge, so each time the explosion happens on the top of the piston, both the rod and piston push the arm down and rotate the crankshaft. Your exhaust system and muffler work together to one, help power the engine and two, expel the noxious gasses created during the process and three, stifle the noise this process creates. If your muffler is damaged then is makes it harder for the exhaust system to do it’s job.

Signs You May Need Muffler Repair

Your muffler is exposed to stress and heat every time your engine is running. Over time this causes cracks, holes, and rust will form. Below I have listed some common signs you may need muffler repair or replacement. It is also important to note that if you come across any of these problems you need to get them fixed immediately as it could be dangerous to you and those around you.
MPG is Decreasing: There are quite a few possible reasons why your gas mileage could be poor, such as bad spark plugs, clogged fuel lines and bad tires. Nevertheless, sometimes a malfunctioning muffler that is not able to perform as well as it used to could cause it. You might have exhaust problems if you notice your gas mileage is dwindling.
Your Engine is Louder than Usual: Vehicle today are deigned to run smoothly and quietly with the exception of high performance and sport vehicles. If you happen to notice your vehicle is running louder than usual you might have a damaged muffler.
Strong Objectionable Odor: The culprit could be carbon monoxide which is extremely toxic to humans. Holes in your exhaust or muffler can cause the release of these noxious fumes. If this is the case have your fixed immediately, if you breath these fumes too long it can kill you. Fatalities from this happen every year, don’t delay get your exhaust and/or muffler repaired immediately.

Catalytic Converter Repair and Replacement

A key component to your exhaust system is the catalytic converter. Its main function is to help clean emissions at extreme temperatures. If not functioning correctly it will cause a great deal of noise. This can be an indicator that your catalytic converter or muffler needs to be repaired. Bring your vehicle by our shop and have one of our emissions specialists inspect your vehicle for issues. Delaying these repairs will result in decreased fuel efficiency and can lead to engine failure and breakdowns.

Schedule Service Today

David’s garage is prepared to handle any exhaust, catalytic converter, or muffler repair you may come across. With a team of dedicated technicians, we will make sure to find and diagnose the trouble quickly, accurately, and fix the problem correctly the first time. As Always our techs are happy to answer and question or concern you may have with the repairs. The next time you find yourself in need of muffler repair call or schedule service online.

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